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Digging Deeper – the thoughts and observations of a  Professional Landscape Gardener & Designer and nature enthusiast at the  Cambridge Garden Design Company

This is our  first blog posting and we plan to use this site to generate interest, inspire conversation and ultimately help.

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In particular we want to attract your views in order to ensure that you feel your garden has been developed using a collaborative process to include your ideas and dreams. Of course, if you want a garden designed exclusively, develop ideas that can be used to transform or design your beautiful garden by me I will do that too! In my experience there are many who would value the chance to really play a part in the design of their outside space. After all it is you who will be using it and watching it grow and develop for years to come.
*Please see the end of this article to view a comprehensive directory of other garden designers you may also want to consider. Our service is by no means the only company that will offer you these services. However, I plan to ensure that, as garden designers, our service will be unique in that it encourages discussion and creativity from both the experienced designer AND at the same time includes your thought processes and artistic interpretations.

*Directory Society of Garden Designers: http://www.sgd.org.uk
British Association of Landscape Industries: http://www.bali.org.uk
Association of Professional Landscapers: http://www.landscaper.org.uk

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