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Are you frustrated with your outdoor space and  wish it was as beautiful and pleasing as all those gardens you see on television and in magazines?   Then I can help.

Even the most beautiful landscape can begin to look neglected and eventually lose its appeal if not designed and maintained properly.

Good landscape maintenance practices can prolong the life and beauty of your landscape and in turn, positively impact your property value. But easy maintenance is a quality that needs to be designed into the garden and hardscaping.

There is no such thing as a “one size fits all” landscape/garden design. Everyone is different.with their own preferences, and vision, What you want and need will be different to any of  our other customers. If you are told otherwise, close you cheque book and find a truly professional designer.

What is a professional designer? For example, I will analyze your property, ask you a lot of questions and only then will I develop a landscape/garden plan customized specifically for you. That is professional.

I offer a comprehensive garden design service suitable for any size residential or  commercial project.

As a garden designer I specialize in in the production of high quality planting schemes which compliment the environment for  which they are  designed and created from a wealth of horticultural studies and experience gained in the UK and from extensive visits to many other countries and continents.

All my recommendations and  designs  are carefully thought through in order to meet your short and long term objectives, while improving the function and beauty of your property, so you get the best value for your investment.

Please call me on 01223 750782 to discuss your requirements.

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