Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration

Have you ever wondered about lawn aeration, what it is and why it is recommended? Is this something that you should consider for your own lawn?

Lawn aeration is the secret weapon in achieving a healthy lawn.

Aeration involves creating small pockets of air over the whole areas of lawn. A hand-pushed machine can be used to bore little holes into the turfpr alternatively you can use a standard garden fork.

Aeration loosens compacted soil and allows water and oxygen to get down to the roots, thus keeping your grass happy and healthy.

How can you tell if your lawn needs to be aerated?

If your lawn gets a lot of foot traffic, or if water doesn’t seems to soak in very well, or if your lawn just doesn’t look as good as you think it should, then it is probably a good idea to get your lawn aerated.

Benefits of lawn aeration:

  1. It allows water and nutrients to penetrate deeply and reach the roots,
  2. It stimulates growth and improves fertilizer absorption for a thicker, healthier lawn.

       3. It increases turf strength and disease resistance.

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